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Dr.Tequilla Hill, LMFT 

Creative & Mindful Psychotherapy 

About Me 

 As a Licensed Psychotherapist, Registered Yoga Teacher (E-RYT500), Certified Reiki Master and AAMFT Approved Supervisor my training and professional experiences are informed by systemic psychotherapy and contemporary mind-body practices. In addition, I have earned a PhD, MS, and BA degrees in my professional expertise. 

Rather than encouraging clients to focus on what is wrong with them, I believe in helping clients explore what is right with them. I create a space where clients can cultivate inner strength, self-love, and wisdom. As a psychotherapist I bring warmth, compassion, and deep empathy to my clients. 

As a yoga + meditation teacher, I give students permission to soften around the edges, to let go of doing, and enjoy a moment of just being. In the current state of society and technology, our nervous systems are often overrun and our bodies sleep deprived and disconnected. I provide a space to un-plug, decompress, and activate the body’s natural healing capacity that takes place through conscious relaxation and breath-work.

I have taught students publicly and privately throughout the southeast and continue to teach throughout the state of Georgia. I specialize in gentle & restorative yoga which I also bring into psychotherapy sessions  as a way to experience mindfulness and stress reduction.