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Dr.Tequilla Hill, LMFT 

Creative & Mindful Psychotherapy 

Psychotherapist Wellness + Enrichment  

Take Care of yourself while you take care of others... 

The practice of psychotherapy is unique, creative, and multifaceted. Staying well is the integration of a therapist's emotional, social, physical, and spiritual health. Caring for ourselves deserves to be looked upon from the perspective of resource management.

The need for a therapist to attend to their own wellness is of paramount importance because of the inherent stress that is involved in working with people. Although the abovementioned statement may seem obvious, it is easy to fall into a routine of daily life which may deny the energy needed to attend to caring for the self. For these reasons I am passionately committed to supporting fellow providers in managing their own self-care. I believe that therapists must continually develop and cultivate their most precious resource which is ultimately themselves. 

Therapist Testimonials

"Dr. Hill is a genuinely gifted spiritual guide. She has helped me to become more mindful and intentional on this journey of healing. When I initially began my work with Dr. Hill I was significantly stressed to the point of burnout and fatigue. Since working with her I have discovered through deep internal work, the power of self healing, preservation, and energy alignment. I would not be the intuitive clinician I am today without the guidance of Dr. Hill. I am truly grateful for her divine energy." 

 -Edna Abney, LMFT, RYT-200

"Dr. Hill has been instrumental with supporting my journey to finding balance as a practice owner, supervisor, and mother. I have a much better grip on when my mind and body needs rest. I have found that I am more productive when I care for myself. I appreciate her somatic approach to our coaching, which has really helped me manage my stress." 

-Penelope Rivera, LPC, LMFT, CACII

"Dr. Hill is An amazing therapist, her take on life, healing, and forgiveness, has permanently altered my perspective. Dr. Hill, has been a major catalyst in my personal and professional growth. Her space is so peaceful and inviting. I am truly grateful for her wisdom and guidance

 -Tameka Ruffin, LCSW

"My work with Dr. Hill has changed the way I approach my role as leader and counselor. In non-profit work stress and chaos are through the roof! However, Dr. Hill and I have worked to create a self-care plan that flows and allows me to pour into all the aspects of my life that I value. She has such a unique way of gently reminding you to save the healing energy that we share with others, with ourselves too."

      -Grace Y. Darwish, LMCH, NCC