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Dr.Tequilla Hill, LMFT 

Creative & Mindful Psychotherapy 

Therapy is a process of inner exploration..

I work collaboratively with clients to explore personal growth, healing, and self-actualization. My work is informed by Systemic, Brief, and Mindfulness based therapies. I meet clients with a kind yet direct manner, using creativity, and humor to help them gain perspective to live more authentically.

The effectiveness of therapy lies greatly in the therapeutic relationship we create together. That’s why I’m passionate about offering a safe space for you to open to the truth of who you are at your own pace. In other words, we will cultivate a safe space for you to be authentic in. This means allowing all of the parts of yourself to shine brightly including your faith, ethnic backgrounds, and sexual orientation. All are welcome.

Areas of Expertise


Stress Management  


Personal Growth 


Work/life balance 

Relationship/Family Enhancement 

Life Changes & Transitions



Specialty Populations 

​Mental Health Professionals 

Medical & Health Professionals  


Life coaching is a thought-provoking, interactive, and creative process... 

Coaching is a partnership. There are times in our lives when we feel called to grow and we need someone to hold the light for us as we step out on our path. A coach can be a mirror, someone to reflect back to us a new, fresh, and more enlightened perspective.

The goal of coaching is to shift our thoughts, feelings, and behavior so that we can ultimately see different results. During life coaching sessions, you learn to identify and reinforce your values as well as what’s important to you. You will learn essential life skills to enable you to achieve a more optimistic and balanced life.

Life Coaching can help with:

Defining, setting, and achieving short and long-term goals

Breaking through creative blocks 

Emotional Wellness/Staying Well

Gaining clarity on your ideal life and vision of success

Improving overall happiness

Breaking free from limiting beliefs

Building confidence

Forming better relationships

Sharpening focus in an age of distraction