Therapy & Coaching For Psychotherapists!

                                                                                 A therapist also needs a therapist.

Nothing makes me happier

than being a set of nonjudgmental ears

for those who have never had

someone to listen.

But sometimes,

the mouth attached to the head of the ears,

also needs someone,

to non-judgmentally


A therapist also needs a therapist. - Perri

The practice of psychotherapy is unique, creative, and multifaceted. Conversely, at times the practice of psychotherapy may be extremely challenging. For therapists, professional and personal development is a dynamic process.   Although psychotherapists are trained to care for others, they often do a poor job caring for themselves. Moreover, failure to take proper care of themselves places therapists at risk of violating professional and ethical standards of practice. In order to help my fellow therapists manage the inherent stress that often comes with our profession, I offer both therapy and coaching to psychotherapists. Sessions are done in person or via Zoom video chat.